Ontrack Mobile

Ontrack Mobile is an iOS app (for Apple iPhone) designed for operatives to use on site. The app was created to be easy to follow and enable quick capture of photos and job data.

When a scheduler plans works to their teams through Ontrack 2 the information is sent to the operatives Ontrack Mobile app.

The operatives will receive the planned tasks and the information they need to carry out their works from start to finish.

What information can Ontrack Mobile users send?

Users have the ability to send images, measures, videos, and report any issues on site into Ontrack.

The information submitted can then be seen by Ontrack 2 users and will provide live updates of the jobs as the day progresses.

The app also has an auditing feature that helps ensure that the job has been carried out safely and efficiently.

What device do I need to run Ontrack Mobile?

Ontrack Mobile is designed to use Apple’s iOS operating system. You will need an iPhone or iPad to run it.