Ontrack 2

Ontrack 2 is a cloud-based works management application that has been created to manage projects, jobs and tasks from start to finish.

Ontrack 2 is capable of managing multiple contracts, work-streams, planned and urgent jobs. It provides real-time updates that are sent by the teams from all stages of their work through Ontrack Mobile.

The system provides clear communication and full job data including photos, measures, videos, geotags and job history.

How will my company benefit from using Ontrack 2?

Ontrack 2 allows users to improve their management, the organisation of resources and identifying the time taken to complete their tasks. It also teaches users how to carry out a compliance audit and what they should look out for.

Ontrack has the ability to support the detailed auditing of jobs. This can be done while the job is being set up or when the job is completed. This helps ensure both quality and compliance with street works legislation.

Job History

A complete job history is captured throughout the works management process. This directly supports management of liabilities and provides reports for keeping track of productivity, performance and planning.

Ontrack 2 offers an impressive search feature that allows users to recall any job whether its historic or present day.

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Job Management

Planners and managers have the ability to view all their resources. Ontrack offers an effective and efficient method to manage their teams and assets with its Job Planner feature.


This feature enables users to carry out forward planning for a specific contract or area. By planning ahead, users can increase their productivity and reduce potential risks and liabilities.


Ontrack reports will draw the users attention to the status of works carried out, identifying liabilities and potential fines, the level of productivity, the compliance of operatives, evaluating the cost to value and analysing trends.

Our ready-made reports are available to all desktop users. In addition, reports can be tailored to your requirements.


The auditing function of Ontrack is structured around the NRSWA legislation. This tool will coach the users to be aware of issues on site and guide operatives on what images to take for compliance purposes.