Ontrack supporting project works

Project Works

The functions in Ontrack provide real value if you are a construction company or contractor who deals with large, complex projects.

Our tools enable the project to be split down into manageable tasks which are then allocated to specific resources. These can be individual managers, surveyors or construction / engineering teams who will each receive the task on their mobile device.

Drawings and technical documents can be stored and will be accessible on site, usually on a tablet via the Ontrack Lite app.

Ontrack’s web based access 24/7 encourages collaborative working for all parties involved in project delivery.

Shared use of Ontrack links all contractors together and ensures that they can clearly see and know what is happening on site.

This promotes a ‘one team’ approach to achieving project delivery irrespective of how many parties are involved.

Ask for a demo of Ontrack’s capabilities in delivering your projects while keeping all stakeholders fully informed.