High Quality Photography

Ontrack effortlessly accumulates all images that are sent in from the mobile apps. When a user recalls a job in Ontrack, it will instantly display high resolution photography plus associated meta information. This includes video clips which are stored alongside the still images.

Ontrack has the ability to import images from client and other contractor systems thereby supporting a true end to end job lifecycle view of works.

With integrated Google StreetView, it is possible to click into a 360 degree view of the location where the works photos have been taken.

Time after time our users feedback that what sets Ontrack apart is the quality and availability of its works photography.

Jack, Street-Works Charge Analyst, says

‘Ontrack provides clear images which makes our job easier to identify issues on site and to discuss charges such as Section 74’s and FPNs with councils or to show customers’

With the use of our search feature, users can locate jobs instantly and access all the images taken and works information provided.