Comprehensive History

Ontrack keeps a full history of images, information and all planned and actual activities on each job. This creates an audit trail with incredible detail, supporting quality management and follow up actions.

Ontrack’s powerful search function enables its users to find jobs using a variety of criteria. As a cloud based service we have unlimited storage for data, images and video.

The job history feature enables users to follow a time line of the works from initiation to close. Photo thumbnails can be hovered over for instant full size viewing.

In the Desktop and Lite Ontrack products it is possible to access any job at any time. The Ontrack Mobile app only stores planned task information in order to keep operatives focussed on the job in hand.

Ontrack’s comprehensive history allows authorised site based users to view images and comments from a job.

Ontrack prides itself on enabling quick access to jobs at any stage of works with all the information the user requires.