Does your company require the ability to search for a job within all its images?

We at Ontrack are proud to say that our system has the ability to retain all images at the highest quality.

Users have the ability to search for jobs very easily with just a few clicks. The clear, high quality images allow users in your business to identify any issues on site or to discuss potential changes.

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A desire to help the Streetworks industry improve its performance and reputation was at the heart of Ontrack developing the Reinstatement Quality Certificate (RQC) service.

Ontrack were engaged in 2018 to assist a client with their requirement for what was called a Reinstatement Quality Certificate on a recently won framework contract. The certificate when produced, was mandated to include a set criterion of images and data captured on each job completed.

Creating Value, Raising Standards

Ontrack collaborated with their client to create an innovative solution to this contract requirement via the wider Ontrack works management system.

Ontrack had originally been developed as a mission critical business tool which not only captures high resolution imagery and critical works data, but also coach operatives in best practice via configured prompts and questions.

The system itself promotes safety, efficiency and achievement of high quality work within an exacting compliance environment, delivering high levels of customer satisfaction and significant cost savings. It also means that any client can audit work done, while retaining evidence for future scrutiny if challenges occur in the shape of claims, defects or charges.

It is this core functionality which enabled the Ontrack team to create the integral Reinstatement Quality Certificate. As the job is completed within the system, Ontrack automates an RQC using a combination of pre-set data, such as material and equipment specification, combined with the images and information submitted by the teams.

A certificate is then available on each of the jobs reinstated, with further development plans likely to enable the production of a list of sample jobs at the click of a button.

Use of the Ontrack RQC creates greater value for all stakeholders, by reducing the cost and inconvenience of unnecessary site visits whilst positively impacting customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and environmental objectives.


In 2022 the Reinstatement Quality Certificate won the coveted Street Works UK award. It was praised for innovation and contribution to the industry.

Adding a task is now available for Ontrack Lite. We at Ontrack believed that if Lite was a simpler version of Ontrack 2 web, then it should have the feature to add tasks. This great new feature is permission-based and we recommend the function is used by supervisors and managers.

Ontrack Lite works on any device as long as you have a browser and internet. Lite is now similar to its sister product Ontrack Mobile in that you can add and upload photos from your gallery.

Alternatively, you can take images and add comments to them directly. This feature allows all smartphone and tablet users to use Ontrack Lite for image collation. As images are sent, the status of the task is also updated therefore Ontrack 2 users are able to see the progress of the task in real time.

Following up our latest release of Ontrack lite, we have added a new feature! We are happy to announce that we have added a call gang function. This was suggested to us by one of our users. They requested to have the ability to see which gang is on site and have the ability to call them to gather information, instead of calling their planner or supervisor. The common questions asked by gangs are ‘When will the site be ready?’ or if another material is required. This new functionality will decrease the number of calls made to the scheduler and builds a better work relationship with other teams.