Anglian & London HAUC Exhibition

Last week we were delighted to be part of the Anglian & London HAUC exhibition held at Allianz Park (for those rugby fans better known as the home of Saracens).

HAUC (Highway Authorities & Utilities Committe) UK focus on delivering consistency, transparency and connectivity in Road & Streetworks- a job Ontrack was made for!

At the event our team showcased our products across a spread of devices; from phones to tablets to laptops. We provided live demo trials of our new Ontrack 3 system. This allowed our stand visitors to really feel the benefits of how Ontrack could work in the day to day running of their organisations. Full visibility and works management through Ontrack allows the industry  to work safely and smartly to reduce the impact of street and road works on members of the public throughout the UK. 

We really enjoyed the event, and the informative seminars that were held.Our team connected with familiar and new faces, and we are looking forward to our next show in Birmingham.

Whilst at this event we demonstrated how we can support the street works and roadwork industries, Ontrack capabilities do not stop there….

If you would like some more information or want a demo please get in touch with us via our contact page!

London Build debut for Ontrack

The Ontrack team recently exhibited at the prestigious London Build 2018 Expo. The event, held at Olympia London, is considered to be the leading construction design and build show.

Many construction and buildings maintenance companies were interested in Ontrack’s ability to capture images on site and make them available in real time to managers, clients and partners.

Ontrack was part of the BIM and Digital Construction zone, showing our systems and apps alongside other companies who also specialise in technologies supporting the construction industry and associated sectors.

Several construction businesses asked for a system demo and we are currently working through those.



Ontrack goes to another HAUC event

We were back at it, at another HAUC event!


Last week we attended the West Midlands HAUC in Wolverhampton.

Our Ontrack team were ready with treats and welcoming anyone that took interest in the Ontrack system.

The team had all our products displayed on several devices, from a desktop to tablet. In addition, the guests were also able to test out our products and to see how Ontrack can be applied to their business. They could understand how Ontrack can be beneficial and simple to use within their company.

The HAUC event enabled us to not only meet new people and companies, but it also meant that we could gain a better understanding of the industry’s needs. We are always looking for new functions which could potentially be developed in Ontrack to bring more value to our current and potential client’s businesses.

Ontrack’s Brand History

Ontrack’s branding has evolved as much as the system has over the years.

In 2005, the launch of Ontrack allowed office users to see rich photography from the site, in real time. Our original logo, in the shape of an eye, reflects what was ground-breaking functionality at the time, sending the message that, for the first time, office users could have full visibility of any job.

2010 saw the release of Ontrack version 2, with the same emphasis on photography, combined with a wealth of additional Street Works information and planning tools. With this, came a refresh of the brand. The ‘O’ was stylised to represent hands holding the information. We wanted to transmit the message that Ontrack enables users to have full visibility of all job information in Ontrack, along with the tools to allow them to work more effectively.

The first product in the next generation Ontrack family, Ontrack Lite, was released last year. We have further exciting releases planned over the coming year, and so we felt it was the right time for another refresh!  Our new logo maintains Ontrack’s familiar green colour, and the subtle ‘power’ icon demonstrates that Ontrack is always on, accessible from anywhere and at any time, ready to empower its users.

If you would like a full history of Ontrack, please see our last post here.

A short story about our journey

To start our history trip, let’s go back to the very beginning…

The development of Ontrack began in 2005. Our goal was to create a works management system that improved customer service, showed all job information provided by the local authorities and customer complaints to be recorded through images in jobs. Images were sent into Ontrack via MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) but were then later sent in through email.

Let’s fast forward to 2010 when Ontrack 2 was released, along with our brand new iOS app, Ontrack Mobile. This app gives operational users visibility of rich job information and the ability to send live updates such as images, video, measures or comments to Ontrack 2. This allows office users to see job updates in real time. This was an exciting time for Ontrack as we had a mobile app and a web app that were in sync, which could be updated and accessed at any time and from anywhere.

In 2014, we were happy to release a product that could be accessed on any mobile device. Ontrack Lite allowed users the ability to access the job information, view the images on a job in real time, from any location, as if they are on site. Ontrack Lite would allow the operative to assess what has been carried out on site, and what to expect when they arrive on site. Our main target audiences were supervisors that are on the move and having the ability to access a job and the essential information they need to know about the job quickly and displayed on one page.

We at Ontrack are constantly researching and testing new ways of improving our products, listening to our client’s needs and requirements, while ensuring that all our products are user-friendly.

Our team of developers are currently working on our next generation product, Ontrack 3 – watch this space.

For more information on all our products, please click here, or contact us at

Ontrack attends HAUC events

We have had a busy week at the North & Mid Wales HAUC and South East HAUC events. We met visitors from various organisations and discussed how Ontrack’s key features could benefit their day to day work.

Visitors were able to see and use all our Ontrack products. They were amazed at how easy to use and quick to learn our products are. The visitors could see Ontrack being implemented into their company and seeing the advantages of using the system quickly delivered.

The HAUC events also allow us to understand what other organisations may require and how we could further develop Ontrack to bring even more value to our customers businesses.

We look forward to the next HAUC event!

Ontrack Lite new feature – Adding a Task

Adding a task is now available for Ontrack Lite.

We at Ontrack believed that if Lite was a simpler version of Ontrack 2 web, then it should have the feature to add tasks. This great new feature is permission-based and we mainly recommend the function is used by supervisors and managers.

Ontrack 3 focus groups

Calling all Ontrack users! We are currently running user focus groups and would like you to be involved in the Ontrack 3 journey.

This will be a perfect opportunity for you to tell us what you think will make your experience on Ontrack better and what will help you through your day to day job.

We are open to all suggestions and welcome user input at the design and development stage. Please email us at if you wish to take part.

We hope to see you soon!

Ontrack Lite new feature – Images

Ontrack Lite works on any device as long as you have a browser and internet. Lite is now similar to its sister product Ontrack Mobile in that you can add and upload photos from your gallery.

Alternatively, you can take images and add comments to them directly. This feature allows all smartphone and tablet users to use Ontrack Lite for image collation. As images are sent, the status of the task is also updated therefore Ontrack 2 users are able to see the progress of the task in real time.


Rumours of Ontrack 3 true?

There has been a number of messages sent from our users asking if the rumours of Ontrack 3 are true.

Well, the rumours are definitely true! We have now stopped all future development of Ontrack 2 (unless if it is something urgent) in order to focus on making Ontrack even better!

It’s hard to believe, but the future generation of Ontrack 3 will be even better than it’s predecessor. It will be a class leading, user-friendly system build on the latest web and mobile technology.

We are currently exploring some great new features that could make Ontrack 3 stand out to its current and potential users in the civil engineering, construction and utilities industry. More news soon!