Rumours of Ontrack 3 true?

There has been a number of messages sent from our users asking if the rumours of Ontrack 3 are true.

Well, the rumours are definitely true! We have now stopped all future development of Ontrack 2 (unless if it is something urgent) in order to focus on making Ontrack even better!

It’s hard to believe, but the future generation of Ontrack 3 will be even better than it’s predecessor. It will be a class leading, user-friendly system build on the latest web and mobile technology.

We are currently exploring some great new features that could make Ontrack 3 stand out to its current and potential users in the civil engineering, construction and utilities industry. More news soon!

Ontrack Lite new feature – Call Gang

Following up our latest release of Ontrack lite, we have added a new feature! We are happy to announce that we have added a call gang function.

This was suggested to us by one of our users. They requested to have the ability to see which gang is on site and have the ability to call them to gather information, instead of calling their planner or supervisor.

The common questions asked by gangs are ‘When will the site be ready?’ or if another material is required. This new functionality will decrease the number of calls made to the scheduler and builds a better work relationship with other teams.

Eight2O using Ontrack

Eight2O are the largest alliance in the water sector. It is a joint venture that consists of Thames Water and other partners, seeking to bring better value for money and benefits for the their customers.

We at Ontrack are delighted that Eight2O have chosen our system to run their day to day jobs. As part of our service, we provide face to face training for both mobile users and desktop users.

Eight2O will use Ontrack to keep track of their excavation teams working on site, with the addition of Ontrack’s street works compliance feature. This will support Eight2O in ensuring that their teams are complying with the NRSWA legislation.