Operational Visibility

The Ontrack family of products allows its users to view works carried out, whether it is at the start, in progress or when the job is completed.

By having live updates on jobs, operational managers are able to identify potential issues that could occur and take action accordingly.

A benefit of Ontrack’s live updates of jobs is that planners and schedulers can identify how quickly their teams could attend the next site. Ontrack fully supports urgent and high priority works.

Our companion job viewer app, Ontrack Lite, allows works supervisors to view images and information on a job in near real time.

Team leaders and managers can view the works and identify whether they will need to attend site if issues have arisen.

In addition, Ontrack Lite can be also used to show customers and highways authorities images of the works and discuss what has been carried out. Often queries can be resolved out on site driving incredible efficiency.